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Health Primacy of Honey

Health Primacy of Honey

Not just does it taste great, but the advantages of honey are amazing! Isn't it good to know as you are able to enjoy sweet treats and be healthier at the same time frame? Let's see what honey has to offer for the health...

Weight Loss

Losing weight is one among the countless health advantages of honey. One tablespoon of honey contains approximately 700 calories, now that's 40% less calories compared to the same number of sugar. Taking 2 tablespoons of honey will supply you with the vitality you need to do your activities for 2-3 hours.
However, although it provides you with energy, it does not cause you to achieve weight! Why? When you won't be hungry throughout the day as you have sufficient energy supply in your body. Not hungry = eat less. Try taking 3-4 tablespoons each day, and 2 more before dinner. If done regularly, you will dsicover the results. It works wonders!

Energy Booster

Another health advantage of honey is so it contains natural sugars which act as energy booster for the body. The glucose contained in honey is easily absorbed by the blood to give instant energy,and the fructose will be absorbed slowly by the human body to sustain energy.

This is the reason honey is a superb supply of energy for folks who are active in sports and outdoor activities. Taking honey will help athletes regain their stamina. Products such as for example energy bars with honey and honey milk are popular meals among athletes.

Antibacterial Effect

Honey has a powerful antibacterial effect due a number of components:

1) Osmotic effect

A advanced level of water and sugar contained in honey (especially fructose) causes it to have a high osmotic effect. This effect will avoid the micro organisms within the body to spread.

2) Hydrogen peroxide

The presence of sugar and water, alongside free oxygen in honey, will generate gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. These two elements are beneficial to kill microorganisms within the body.

3) Acidity

The acidity of honey is one of the factors that donate to its antibacterial effect, antioxidant activities, and stability against microorganisms. The pH level of undiluted honey varies from 3.2 to 4.5 and this low acidity level inhibits the growth of bacterial pathogens, as some forms of bacteria need a pH level of 7.2 to 7.4 to grow. Honey acidity is because of organic acids, especially gluconic acid which really is a result of glucose oxidase in honey on glucose. This acid is produced when nectar is transformed into honey and it increases on storage.

One type of honey that is noted for its antibacterial properties is Honey. A recently available research has found that Active Manuka Honey has another powerful antibacterial property called UMF (Unique Manuka Factor). The mixture of both hydrogen peroxide and UMF has been proven to have an astounding healing effect.

Home Remedy

The amazing health advantages of honey causes it to be a favorite home solution for cold, flu and sore throat problems as a result of presence of its antibiotic property.

People used honey to soothe sore throats for years and it's been proven to be very effective. In reality, Italian opera singers are known to have used honey to alleviate sore throats so that they can sing well.

In treating common cold, honey is unquestionably my top choice. Drinking a hot glass of water mixed with squeezed lime juice and a teaspoon of honey really helps to take care of cold. Apart from these ailments, studies and researches also have found honey to be useful for serious diseases and disorders such as for example diabetes, cancer, heart problems and insomnia. It's very effective in healing wounds too! Besides that,honey is a superb supply of nutrition to be studied during pregnancy.

So, knowing all these wonderful health advantages of honey, who says sweet treats can not be healthy?

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